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With 13 years of experience in renewable energy products, Next Gen Energy Concepts is one of Ireland''s top providers of wood pellet room heaters, stoves, boilers, barbeques, patio heaters and bioethanol stoves. We supply products from Ungaro, BioKamino, JollyMec, Tepor and Extraflame.


PELLET STOVES AND BOILERS PARTS. Disponiamo di ricambi per i principali marchi di stufe a pellet commercializzati in Italia: dalle resistenze accensione ai motoriduttori, dalle motoventole tangenziali ai cavi, dalle guaine alle guarnizioni, dalle trecce agli aspiratori di fumi, dai termostati alle sonde, dai pressostati alle schede, passando per i collanti, i sigillanti, gli accessori, e l ...

Pellet Boilers

Pellet Boilers Slimpel 25kW and 40kW biomass heating systems produce few emissions and achieve a high level of heating efficiency. They fully automated fuel delivery is filled from the top, into an air fed burn pot, where the fuel is self ignited before the full modulation program controls the combustion for minimum emissions with maximum heat output.

Pellet Boilers – Tarm Biomass

Pellet Boilers Automated Wood Pellet Boilers from Tarm Biomass. Wood pellet heating is an efficient and easy way to heat your home or business. The Fröling PE1 is the perfect boiler to heat your home or a smaller business with BTU capacities between 68,000 to 120,000 Btu/hr. The Fröling PE1 is compact, quiet, with easy to use features and an attractive price.

Wood Pellet Stoves and Boilers Norfolk and Suffolk

Wood Pellet Stoves. Wood Pellet Stoves and boilers are designed to provide convenient, easy to control heating for a single room or an entire house. Wood Pellets Stoves can be turned on or off at will with a continuous flow pellet system ensuring consistent heat. The MCZ range offer larger combustion chambers giving a breathtaking view of the ...

Pellet Boilers Pellet Boilers Ireland

2  · 24kw Tosca Pellet Boiler Stove 24kw boiler stove offering 20.5kw to the water, available in with either a red or cream front. Open Tosca Brochure Page Delivery 1-4 weeks, please ring to place order. Read more . 25kw Capri Ceramic Pellet Boiler Stove 25kw stove offering over 20.6kws to the water, available in either white or red ceramic sides ...

Boiler Pellet Stoves

Discover the characteristics of the Hydro system: multifunctional: offering an innovative and complete heating system to supply radiators, underfloor heating systems and domestic hot water. performance: Pellet boiler stoves offer maximum comfort, thanks to reduced maintenance and cleaning with maximum performance guaranteed, up to 95% efficient.

Yellow Boilers – Mad About Heat

Madabout heat yellow boilers for sale ranges specifications of Pereko spare parts and new multi fuel pellet boilers, we deliver to France, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Spain, we can arrange shipping worldwide, Our log burners are able to burn sticks, logs, pellets, coal, slack, coal …

Pellet Boilers Online Catalogue

The best boilers stand out for their technology that has been consolidated over the years, the reliability of their operation and the quality of their materials, as well as their low consumption. MCZ offers all that with its two ranges of pellet boilers, Selecta and Performa, which cover the most diverse needs, ranging from 15 to 35 kW power.

Wood Pellet Boilers

The Windhager BioWIN2 Wood Pellet Boiler by Pellergy is a fully automatic system that incorporates: The BioWIN2 Series of pellet boiler incorporates one of the most advanced ignition systems on the market with a dual ignition element design. Having built in redundancy in the ignition system is unique and ensures the highest level of reliability.

Pellet Boilers Archives

2021-10-28 · Pellet Boilers. Lundy 8 – supply & install. ... Contact us; Google Reviews. Island Pellet Stoves. 5.0. Julian Millar. 10:21 20 May 21. I use a pellet stove to heat the kitchen and the hot water as I do not have mains gas. Before my Island stove I had a ...

Pellet Stoves: Online Catalogue of Stoves

Opting for pellets also means convenience and ease of use is also bought at supermarkets in convenient bags, it is not messy and produces less ash than wood. Finally, pellet stoves have the great advantage of being able to operate automatically, adjusting switching on and off according to one''s needs. MCZ pellet stoves …

Pellet Stove Boilers | Zureli

Pellet Stove Boilers. Unlike their big brother, wood pellet stove boilers have a more aesthetic appeal and make a wonderful centerpiece for any home. They can be situated anywhere where you might place a traditional stove, but with the added benefit of feeding your complete heating and hot water system also.

Wood pellet stoves | Online Pellet Stoves | Woodco pro

Hydro Boiler. Heat your rooms and your water with woodco pro''s hydro pellet boilers. These stoves offer an excellent solution for domestic heating systems. Since they quickly heat water in the radiators, they are convenient and cost effective with charming design. Some models can even supply domestic hot water with our H2O kit.


2  · A Kalor wood pellet boiler offers a fully renewable heating system to home and business owners and is a suberb alternative to oil, gas, solid fuel or heatpumps. Kalor wood pellet boilers offer very low running costs and are only a fraction of the cost of a heatpump to install. Highly efficient, extremly reliable, extensively proven and offering ...

Pellet Stoves – Dielle Spa

Pellet Stoves. Like a boiler but with the added value of a flame. It can be connected to the heating system and produce domestic hot water. Our products Discover the Dielle range and choose the most suitable solution for you. PELLET STOVES. WOOD/PELLET STOVES. PELLET BOILERS.

Pellet stove

A pellet stove combines the charm of a traditional woodburning stove with the latest technology and highest convenience. In addition to fast heat supply and quiet operation, pellet stoves are characterised in particular by their space-saving design. The …

Stoves, thermo stoves and pellet boilers why choose them

2021-10-24 · Pellet stoves, pellet thermo stoves and pellet boilers. Ariel Energia pellet stoves, pellet thermo stoves and pellet boilers boast a series of highly performing and technologically advanced models, which allow you to heat the home while saving money: they adapt perfectly to the needs of the home, respecting the environment and redeveloping the energy category of the house.

Pellet Boiler Stoves

Pellet boiler stoves are designed to heat your entire home. With the capability of being plumbed into an existing hot water tank, these pellet boiler stoves will heat up the water to send to your radiators or under-floor heating system. The beauty of these pellet boiler stoves is that they also heat up the room they are situated in as well.

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Lexta Series Fire Effect Back Boiler Pellet Stoves Eco-Mini Series Wood Pellet Fired Boilers Caria Series Wood Pellet fired Boilers E-Dragon Series Mobile Heating Platforms (PELLET) S-Dragon Series Hot Air Venting Platforms Stella Serisi Standalone Pellet Burners Design Turkey 2018 ...

Questions and answers – Pellet stoves and boilers

It is not allowed to install a pellet stoves without a chimney. All pellet stoves require a chimney diameter of 80-120 mm for air stoves, or 120 – 160 mm is for hydro pellet stoves and boilers for central heating. The chimney draft must be 10-12 Pa for air stoves, and 12 – 14 Pa for hydro stoves and boilers.

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Wood pellet boilers are a clean, efficient and cost effective way to heat your home. They can reach high efficiencies of over 90% Although wood pellets are more expensive than wood, the main advantage is that wood pellet boilers are automatic and can be activated manually or automatically by a thermostat or even by a smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Pellet stoves 14kW

Pellets boilers Pel-lets 15 - 500 kW. Pellets/wood fired boilers Mini dual pellets 12-24 kW. Pellet automatic stoves BIOWARM 6 - 15 kW. Pellets - burners and systems 15 - 350 kW. Automatic boilers coal/pellets DUAL CWD. Pea coal fired automatic boilers ecowarmer 12 -560 kW. Cast iron multifuel boilers Dual S 8-32 kW.

Biomass Boilers — Green Square

2021-10-28 · Pellet Boilers. A boiler only model, it won''t win any beauty contests but it is a good all year round solution. Often located in utility rooms and outbuildings, it has a number of add on options to make the system more automated, from large add-on fuel storage to self cleaning models, it is a complete, stand alone boiler system that one has little interaction with.

Pellet Boilers

Pellet Boiler Mareli MP 50. Technical description The MP50 pellet boiler from Mareli represent a new generation of boilers. I.. 1,000 лв. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List.

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Pellet Stoves and Pellet Boilers 2020/2021 Пелетни камини и котли 2019/2020 Declaration of Performance CE Declaration of Conformity Product Fiche Instruction Manual Декларация за експлоатационни показатели Декларация за съответствие ...