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How does this Crush Washer work? [Archive]

For using crush washer what I do is that I have about 7-8 crush washers on my work bench and keep trying one until I find one that''ll allow the FS''r to align without more than about 20ft lbs. For peel washers I either use a utility knife and a small set of pliers or put a peel washer on a piece of wire hanger and heat it really hot with a ...

Aluminum or copper crush washer which to use?

 · Posts. 1,774. Country Flag: Most copper washers that I''ve used have typically requires less force to crush and therefore seal versus similar aluminum washers, however either should work fine for you. I''ve seen variations in copper washers in terms of maleability/softness and have always assumed that it was just a alloy or processing difference ...

Wrench Tips #6

2009-12-7 · Copper crush washers really shouldn''t be re-used. To seal effectively the copper must be soft, as it is in an annealed state. The very act of crushing it under a bolt work hardens the metal, and years of being bolted to, say, your turbo, can have a tendency to age harden it as well.

Aluminum crush washers | Bob Is The Oil Guy

 · Both work fine. One advantage to copper is that you can anneal them to resoften them after they get work hardened. I have always reused aluminum or copper drain plug washers as long as they weren''t beat up looking and never had a problem. One washer can easily work for a …

How Do Copper Crush Washers Work

Copper Crush Washers Page 2 Indian Motorcycle Forum Copper alloys such as C10100 or C11000 that most crush washers are usually are madefrom is 99.9% copper and considered to be a more noble metal; so less galvaniccorrosion occurs between it and aluminum. Copper crush washers will work harden and. Aluminum crush washers Bob Is The Oil Guy

Why use copper washers under diff. ? | Vintage Mustang …

 · The copper washers are used because the back of the studs are inside the case where the rear axle fluid is contained. To prevent seepage, the copper washers are used to seal the stud. Copper washers are also used where the front brake hoses connect to the calipers (dont remember if it''s used on drum brake cars) B.

crush washer help | Suzuki GSXR Forum

 · Joined Apr 24, 2006. ·. 7,420 Posts. #5 · May 2, 2009. Gixxerlos82 said: It is recommended in the manual to change them at each oil change. I follow this recommendation. The washers are so cheap I usually get them for free from my local motorcycle shop. I just go in and ask if I can buy one and they give me a handful for free.

Re use crush washers? | Adventure Rider

 · Some crush washers are just a soft metal washer like aluminum or copper. It really doesn''t crush that much, but it will work harden over time. Supposedly you can anneal it and regain some of the crushability, but I''ve never tried it. My experience is that these types of washers can generally be used indefinitely without leakage.

Copper Crush Washer? | The H.A.M.B.

 · Replumbing the brakes on my Olds and think that originally there was a copper crush washer between the front brake hose fitting and the wheel cylinder. Can anybody confirm this? If that''s what it is, I''m having a hard time finding the right size (7/16" id ) copper washer. How about using a Stat O Seal instead of the copper washer?

Why are copper washers required on banjo fittings?

2021-10-3 · However, I''ve seen copper crush washers that had an embossed ring in the center of the washer that would actually crush down when under pressure. Today I had to replace the washers for an oil feed line for a turbo but the manual calls for copper washers and not crush washers. Do the flat copper washers work in the same way?

Crush washers are a myth and do not exhist!

 · Go to the auto parts store and purchase the correct size copper washer. This can be reused. Eventually it will become work hardened and then you will need to anneal it with a torch to soften it up again. Do not reuse the crush washer. They can form a wedge and cause the case to become cracked or have a piece break off. Search for photos.

Crush washer, which side towards the pan | Second ...

 · Looking at the washer that was on there, from the factory, it appears to me that the flat side goes against the plug. The part of the washer that crumples up was towards the pan. But like said it would probably work both ways. You would think the owners manual would say, since there is a section on changing the oil by the owner.

Copper Washers For Sump Plugs

2019-6-17 · They work harden over temp cycles and become brittle which is why stress cracks can be seen in old washers. This is especially true with alloy crush washers that have been over tightened. They also do not re-seal if used again as they are harden and not forming correctly when torqued against an uneven surface defect.

Mechanic tips: Crush washers: orv — LiveJournal

2012-10-16 · Crush washers are maybe the most misused kind of seal in automotive work. They''re commonly found any time a threaded fastener has to seal in a liquid; the most common example is the crush washer under the oil drain plug of most cars. Tighten the plug, the soft copper washer deforms to fill any gaps, making a liquid-tight seal.

SHould i use new copper banjo bolt washer,old,? | Bob Is ...

 · Metals "work harden". An example is if you bend metal, you can never unbend it. The bend creases the metal because the metal is harder at the bend than along the unbent portion of the sheet. The crush washers are supplied in the soft state. Once used, they harden a bit. That''s one of the reasons a used crush washer may not seal.

ford 9 inch crush washer | Hot Rod Forum

 · 68NovaSS said: This is what he''s talking about. I''m using one from Strange Engineering (N-1910) that''s very similar. It takes the place of the 9" crush sleeve using multiple thickness shims between two billet end pieces. Add/remove shims to achieve the correct rotational torque. I torqued my pinion nut to 175# and began checking rotational torque.

Question about crush washers on brake banjo fittings ...

 · 156 Posts. #2 · Sep 3, 2011. Hi there, yes you can re-use aluminium and copper crush washers, PROVIDING that they are not over-crushed the first time. If they show a ridge or are squashed out of shape (oval) or if they are pitted then replace them. I buy mine in little packets from the supermarket for 2-3 euro''s for 5 washers.

Why a Copper Washer? | Smart Car of America Forum

 · A material is needed that is hard enough to take the torque and soft enough for a good seal. In that case, I wonder why an aluminum gasket wasn''t used. Copper and aluminum tend to react with one another. With the sump being made of aluminum, a copper gasket would …

Making Copper Sealing Washers. What Alloy?

 · Copper 110 is pure copper and would make a good seal washer when annealed. Copper washers are most easily made from sheet by punching, since copper is difficult to machine. Used copper washers can easily be annealed and used again if they are not too thin. Just heat to dull red and cool as fast or slow as you like.

Fiber washer instead of crush?

 · If you want to retain a OEM set up, buy the OEM washer, it is both a sealing washer, and partly responsible for creating the tension needed between the plug and case to keep it from vibrating out.. If you want to use a washer just designed for sealing, drill the plug for safety wire, use a fiber, aluminum or copper washer lightly tighten the plug so create a seal, and safety wire in place.

never use a crush washer

First, crush washers come to a knife edge on both mating surfaces – it is likely for this reason that a muzzle device is already misaligned just sitting on the crush washer before it is even torqued down. More importantly, it relies on the principle that the washer will deform uniformly while it is being crushed.

Oil Plug Crush Washer Installation | StromTrooper

 · This is was I used to do with the 1/2 copper washers on my older bikes. As soon as they showed any scratches or crushed areas I replaced them. Three times seems pretty save for me but at a $ 1.00 each from the stealer or for 1/2 copper drain washers at Napa for $ 0.40 they really could be changed every time.

Copper Washers

At Superior Washer & Gasket Corp., we stock them in a wide range of shapes, thicknesses, and sizes, including metric. We typically quote all of our copper washers at half hard alloy 110, but we can quote full hard and bright annealed copper by request. As with washers made from any of the materials we carry, if you don''t see the precise ...

Coolant Banjo Bolt sealing woes on turbo. Any suggestions ...

 · I heated the copper rings until it got red and let it cool off. That didn''t work so I bought 10 new copper washers and it steal leaks ridiculously bad. I have the copper washers on both sides of the bolt but it is always the same result. The top crush washer leaks at a rate of a drip a second.

How does this Crush Washer work?

 · How does this Crush Washer work? Newbie Question: I ordered some crush washers and I got these in the mail. I know how the military silver aluminum crush washer works because the thin aluminum rings literally get "crushed" when you tighten the flash hider down, but these washers don''t seem to get crushed when I tighten them down.

Simple crush washer

2015-3-20 · Simple crush washer5. I have to use a copper crush washer to seal against coolant. The bolt is an M12x1.5 simple DIN 908 zinc plated bolt. There is a small interference of 0.1mm between the copper washer and the bolt (worst case), where the bolt surface starts to radius. I need to somehow model or calculate the crush of the material and ensure ...

Fiber vs. Copper crush washer | SteelSoldiers

 · Upon removal, the previous filters were installed with copper crush washers. Being in a bind, I fabbed a couple up from some solid copper washers I had on hand. Later, reading the TM''s, I noticed the part number breakdown for the filter kit listed a fiber washer.

Aluminum and copper sealing washers

 · The fuel line/hose fittings use aluminum washers (around the fuel filter housing and damper) The fittings around the power steering box all use copper washers. The oil-pan drain bolt uses a copper crush washer. The fuel injectors use copper washers. The valve cover bolts use copper washers. The cooling bypass line banjo bolts use aluminum washers.

How to Soften Copper | eHow

2  · Copper is a bendable, flexible metallic element that''s normally reddish-brown in color. If you hit it repeatedly, it becomes harder. On the other hand, copper can be softened even more than it naturally is. You may want to soften copper so you can bend it without crushing it or distorting its shape.